Musayev Musa
Police Colonel Musayev Musa - - chief of Baku City Nasimi District Police Department was in charge of application of tortures towards the chairman of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), blogger Mehman Huseynov at the Baku City Nasimi District Police Department on January 9-10, 2017

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Азербайджанский блогер Мехман Гусейнов рассказал, как его похитили и применили к нему пытки

Azerbaijani blogger Mehman Huseynov told how he was kidnapped and how tortures were used towards him ( in Azeri )

Мехман Гусейнов: «Меня пытали»

Mehman Huseynov:”I was tortured” ( in Russian )

Почему арестован азербайджанский блогер Мехман Гусейнов?в-азербайджане-арестован-блогер-мехм/

Why was blogger Mehman Huseynov arrested?в-азербайджане-арестован-блогер-мехм/ ( in Russian )

Блогер Мехман Гусейнов: «Господин судья, подтвердите мою личность…»

Blogger Mehman Huseynov: ”Sir Judge, confirm my identity…” ( in Russian )

After Mehman Huseynov disseminated information on tortures at Nasimi District Police Department, colonel M. Musayev filed the complaint, in which he indicated that M. Huseynov has blackened the police, accused police officers in committing especially serious crime, and that his actions falls under the Article 147.2 of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic.

On March 3, 2017 Baku City Surakhany District Court found Mehman Huseynov guilty in committing the crime under the article 147.2 (slander, which is connected with accusation of committing serious or especially serious crime) of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic and sentenced Mehman Huseynov to imprisonment for the term of two years..

On April 12, 2017 Collegiums on Criminal Cases of Baku Court of Appeal made the decision not to satisfy Mehman Huseynov appeal and left the decision of the court of first instance from March 3, 2017 without any change.

Police Colonel Musayev Musa - chief of Baku City Nasimi District Police Department since November 2011 till today.

Police Colonel